Casè Italy

Casè is a small, independent winery born in 1998 in the hills of Val Trebbia, an area of great natural beauty in the hills of Piacenza in the southern part of Emilia Romagna. Alberto Anguissola planted the first vineyards in 1998 after a careful analysis of the characteristics of the soil and the climate. He started with 1ha of Pinot Nero planted around his grandparents country house. Since that point he has planted several more small sites and also recovered old, abandoned vineyards in the valley, in order to preserve the local, traditional varieties. Over the last two decades he has worked closely with other local natural winemakers like Giulio Armani (La Stoppa) whose whites can at times have a brilliant resemblance.

Today, Casè is configured as a small business partnership between Alberto and his old mate from high school, Diego. Alberto supervises all the activities from the vineyard to the cellar, while Diego works part-time mainly in marketing and company governance. They are helped by a few stable co-workers and interestingly by a network of local farmers exchanging services between them. The primary objective of Case primary objective is to produce wines that are different from the “standard taste”, wines indeed with a different taste each year, according to the characteristics of the territory and the climate.

The work in the vineyard is carried out without chemical fertilisers and herbicides. Harvesting is done manually by selecting the best grapes directly on the vine. In the cantina (cellar), they do not use commercial yeast, but only native yeasts. They do not perform chemical or physical interventions before or during the fermentation nor through to bottle. What we have here is pure juice as Alberto has imagined it.