Col Tamarie

Col Tamarie Italy

From the hills above Vittorio Veneto, in San Lorenzo, comes some of the most addictive Prosecco making we’ve seen. Alberto and Marta lead 4.5 hectares of vineyards facing south, south-east. The vineyards sit at 450 m above sea level (just outside the Prosecco DOCG area but in the Prosecco DOC territory), completely surrounded by woods, and grow from limestone and rocky soils of morainic origin. They treat the plants with unicist homeopathy, use biodynamic preparations, and are certified organic.

Alberto and Marta take care of the vineyards and the territory to enhance the energies of nature, resorting only to tiny uses of sulphur and reduced quantities of copper. They cultivate native grapes — Glera, Bianchetta, Boschera, Grapariol, Perera and Verdiso — to produce one wine - Col Fondo sparkling white wine, spontaneously fermented with their own indigenous yeasts, unfiltered, unfined and without the addition sulphur.

Alberto and Marta are true pioneers in their region and in the world for Col Fondo Pet Nat, leading the way with some of the most committed farming we’ve seen to date.