High Crimes White

  • High Crimes White


    While the Delinquente wines focus on Southern and Central Italian varieties, the grapes native to the warmer parts of Spain and Portugal and equally as at home in the sun-drenched Riverland. To this end, the Bassham family have planted a portion of their vineyard to an amalgam of hardy Iberian varieties formed to make the 1.5ltr 'High Crimes' white blend. Arinto and Albarino are the pick of the Iberian whites and complement each other incredibly well in a blend. Arinto maintains its highwire acidity through the most glaring of heatwaves, whilst always bringing a structured, layered, complex stone fruit and orchard fruit profile. The Albarino benefitted most from the cooler season, really showcasing its bright lemon/grapefruit citrus and mineral characters, and brings a lovely pop to this blend.