Domaine Finot

Domaine Finot France

Thomas Finot, a young winemaker who, after experience in different regions of France, discovered abandoned vineyards in the Coteaux du Gresivaudan” (Isère) northeast of Grenoble, and is working to restore the vineyards and the region’s potential. With great passion, he is reviving local varieties such as the white Verdesse and the reds Persan. Thomas is committed to organic and biodynamic farming to best express the regions quality. The terroir is an ancient valley with soils of glacial stones and sands with limestone scree and clay and the daytime temperatures are among the highest in France, but with very cool nights. Domaine Finot is also producing a small quantity of superb Crozes-Hermitage from his grandfather’s 1.8 hectare of vines on great sites in Larnage on both limestone and granite with white clay (kaolin) soils.

A true frontier in wine that is so rare to see these days - an untouched wine region of hidden varietals finally in the hands of someone as forward thinking as Thomas.The wines of Domaine Finot are some of the most pure and enlightening we have tasted, a welcomed addition from our travels.