Domaine Houillon

Domaine Houillon France

It’s an honour for us to include in the Lo-Fi family the very rare wines of Charlotte and Aurelien Houillon. Aurélien is the youngest of the Houillon clan, and along with brother Emmanuel and sister Adeline, spent his formative years under the tutelage of famed legend Pierre Overnoy. The couple met in Switzerland where Aurélien was working with biodynamic farming, expanding his experience in the vines.

The Domaine is based in Vaucluse, on the western foothills of Mont Ventoux in a small village of Faucon. Thanks to the height and influence of the majestic mountain next to it, the climate here is relatively cool for the Côtes-du-Rhône. They purchased their 9-hectare property in 2016, converting the 4.5 ha of vineyards immediately to organic farming with biodynamic practices. The rest of the property is left with natural woodland and moors adding to lush and rich biodiversity. The vines of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault are aged between 30 to 70 years and planted on sandy clay soil with limestone interspersed. Soils are worked mechanically, without the use of pesticides, and are enriched by the fertiliser provided by their two companions, Victory and Beaver (horse and donkey).

In the cellar they omits oenological input, the wines are unfiltered and bottled by gravity without sulphur. The wines of Domaine Houillon have great balance, freshness and rigor to them, showcasing the scents that are characterised by the wild flora herbs, shrubs and garrigue characteristics that we get in the best wines of Rhone.