Francois St-Lô

Francois St-Lô France

Francois St-Lô quickly became a rising star in the world of natural wine; quite a feat considering his first vintage was only in 2012. After apprenticing for Olivier Cousin, Baptiste Cousins’ father, he managed to acquire a magical place in the Anjou region of the Loire. With a labyrinth of underground caves, an almost prehistoric cellar and an 18th century wine press, Francois manages to make transformative, character-filled wines using his few hectares in Anjou worked with his horse.

There’s nothing quite like drinking Francois’ wines. On the one hand they’re so uniquely different to an other comparable grape variety sitting on the table, and at the same time so reminiscent of the best parts of other wines that we love to drink. Light, refreshing, and addictive. Given that Francois farms a small amount of land, yields an even smaller amount of fruit per hectare and is notoriously challenging to get hold of, we make sure every bottle is savoured.