Joe Chandellier

Joe Chandellier France

Joe started his small label in 2019 and his wines are already poured in some of the great wine bars across Paris. He is located at the foothills of the Cévennes mountains between Languedoc and Rhône valley. Prior to returning home to the Languedoc and post com pleteing his university studies, Joe travelled the world with vintages in Australia (Moss Wood & Turkey Flat), Spain & Italy. It was during this travel that he realised organic farming and working in a small winery where he could impact every bottle was the only way forward for him.

Joé farms 5.5 hectares by himself in Souvignargues (Languedoc, France), organically tending to Carignan, Aramon, Grenache and Syrah . Most of the vines are individual bush vines, ranging from 20 to 70 years of age, and are planted on sandy loam on sandstone soils. Its these vineyards where he has taken great influence from good friend Thierry Forestier who has helped Joe in the early stages of viticultural management.

He also has another smaller plot and his cellar a 15 minute drive away in St.Côme et Maruejols. Here he takes direct influence from Eric Pfifferling who has a plot that sits next to Joe. In the cellar Joé is working with mentor Alain Allier (who’s been making wine for about 15 years) to make wines in a low-interventionist manner. All wines see a small 10-20 part so2 addition.

For us Joé embraces the spirit of true vigneron culture in France which is to say he is a fierce ambassador for organic farming, making wines naturally, limiting additions to just sulphur (if at all), and making sure the wines are beautiful and well-made. His wines are true to variety, region and type and testament to all the effort he puts into his vineyard and winery.