Lammidia Italy

We are really excited and thrilled to have started working with Marco and Davide of Lammidia. They are two of Italy’s most exciting your winemakers whom both have deep understanding and respect for their grapes.

Lammidia was started in 2010 by two good friends, Marco Giuliani and Davide Gentile who grew up in the Hills of Pescara Colli in eastern Abruzzo. These two young Abruzzese have been friends since they were three years old. After university they took different career paths and eventually reunited with a common passion for viticulture, vinification and drinking. They spent time learning from some of the biggest names of the ‘Natural’ wine world throughout both France and Italy. The influence of harvests with Jean Foillard and La Coste where they learned respect for soils, grapes and nature deeply shows both through their wines and overall philosophy. And so, without any degrees or diplomas they started to attack the vineyard work and fermentation in a very experimental spirit, but with the same desire to work with respect and without heavy-handed intervention. Despite both still working full time with other jobs they have managed to dedicate every spare minute to Lammidia, and the results continue to blossom.

They have around 5 hectares of vines 700 metre above sea level in the hills above Pescara in the small village of Villa Celiera. They also farm two ½ hectare sites nearer the coast, with a focus more on white varietals. Last year they planted a further 2 hectares to more experimental Italian and Western varietals. The majority of their vines are planted to Montepulciano and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo but they also have a little Pinot Noir, Barbera, Pecorino and Moscato. They do not move the earth in the vineyards at all but cut surrounding plant life and leave it as mulch on the soil to keep in moisture and to protect the surface. In the cellar they work predominantly with cement tanks but also use mediums such as Anfora and Fibreglass for some cuvees.

There is a great diversity throughout their range of wines as they work with different methods, such as white with skin maceration, Carbonique and whole bunch. It’s just a part of their philosophy and mission, constantly testing new ways in cultivation, fermentation and storage. All wines are made with zero additions or manipulation including no sulphur additions at bottling. Their wines are constantly evolving and their slogan Uva e Basta (100% grape) reigns true with every vintage and micro cuvee