Theia Australia

“Theia is a hypothesized ancient planetary-mass that, according to the giant impact hypothesis, collided with another planetary-mass object, Gaia (the early Earth) around 4.51 billion years ago. Theia now makes up large parts of the earth and the moon”. In Theia’s tale the characters are the earth and her seasons, her oceans and her land, all of which are governed by the sun and the moon in a perfect alignment.

This new label is the realisation of a long held dream for Candice and Frewin from CRFT. After purchasing the Arranmore Vineyard in 2016 they immediately converted to organic viticulture. Theia is the sister to the CRFT label where each wine is hand-made by Candice and Frewin at their small winery situated at the Arranmore vineyard, using organically grown estate-owned fruit. The new label has given them the freedom to use more experimental techniques in the cellar and the results are simply spectacular. The East facing 5 acre Arranmore Vineyard sits at 550 metres elevation and was planted in 1995. Theia marks a huge step in the evolution of this brilliant young couple and we are thrilled to have tiny amounts of these exciting wines.