Alessandro Viola

Alessandro Viola Italy

Alessandro Viola father’s was a vine grower although other than a few bottles of homemade wine he never saw the fruit of his hard work in the vineyard into bottle. Alessandro was fascinated in grape growing from an early age and after a few vintages of self-teaching he decided to get a formal education and study oenology. During his university studies he steered away from the mechanical side of winemaking he was being taught and decided to study the science. The idea that nothing needed to be added or taken away from the wine if the grapes, soil and winemaking were all working together became his mantra. After his university degree he worked in the north of Italy and then for a larger winemaker on Mt Etna, however he had never forgotten the wines he had made before, without anything added and made by hand.

So he started making wine for himself, first with a friend Uva Tantum, and now alone using his name Alessandro Viola. He cultivates 7 hectares of organically managed vines worked strictly by hand. The vineyards are located in 2 areas, the first in Pietra Rinosa close to Alcamo in the north-western tip of Sicily, the soil is made of clay and the vineyards sit at 200m above sea level taking a large influence from the ocean. The second vineyards in Fastuchera are higher at 400 meters; the soil is calcareous producing more minerals driven and finer wines.

He is strictly committed to growing and championing local varieties. Catarratto, Grillo, Nero D’avola and Nerello Mascalesse make up his repertoire. We are delighted to be bringing Alessandro’s hand made wines to Australia. His style is unique and his commitment to organic practices and no additions is something to behold.