Bizzarro Australia

Bizzarro Aperitivo is the newest addition to the Delinquente Wine Co family. It’s a take on an all natural, Australian bitter aperitivo, made in the classic Delinquente way with scant regard for tradition, respect for nature and a product all about deliciousness.

Bizzarro is made by taking super aromatic organic and biodynamic skin contact Vermentino from the Basham family in the heart of the Riverland and infusing it with traditional aperitivo ingredients such as rhubarb and gentian root providing bitterness. From here Greg’s has upped the ante, using organically grown Riverland oranges and lemons to create an intoxicating citrus hit. Finally he fortifies this blend adding neutral grape spirit which has been infused with a secret array of fruits, herbs and other botanicals.

Bizzarro is a local aperitivo that perfectly balances sweet and bitter, making it incredibly versatile. Its less sweet than Aperol and less bitter than Campari giving endless options for your summer cocktail list. We recommend pouring it into pet nat for a delightful Spritz, or mixing it with local gin and vermouth for an all Aussie Negroni.

We are excited to finally be able to bring to you an Australian interpretation of a much loved spirit, now finally made by hand and backed with great farming.