Cantina Margo

Cantina Margo Italy

When Carlo Tabarrini was four, his father and grandfather would bring him into the vineyards (where he was sometimes allowed to drive the tractor). They made wine for family consumption and grew grapes to sell. He always held fond memories of his childhood amongst the vines and so after he finished school he gave up on his life working in a chocolate factory to focus on vineyards. In 2008, he started Cantina Margo, and from 2016 until now it has been his sole focus. He began with 0.5 hectares from abandoned or neglected vineyards in the town of Sant’Enea (Umbria), and has grown to now manage close to 3 hectares. Using natural and biodynamic practices, Carlo began to improve his land, which seemed to have extraordinary potential. His careful work restoring these precious sites has given him the reputation of one of the most dedicated farmers in the inland region of Umbria.

The vineyards Carlo tends are between 25 and 45 years old, planted in limestone and clay soils. Machinery is used as little as possible and no pesticides or chemicals are used. Instead, he uses biodynamic preparations made with manure and herbs and works in line with the astronomical calendar. He loves working in a traditional way with the use of modern winemaking equipment and technology kept to a minimum. No wines have any additions or manipulations of any sort. For him the wines are truly expressions of site and vintage. We fell in love with Carlo’s expressions that are simply honest, delicious wines from the heart of Umbria.