Das Juice

Das Juice Australia

We are very proud to be able to offer you the wines that we make ourselves, Das Juice. Das Juice was a project born of necessity, having noticed many of you who needed well-made, well-farmed wines at a sharper price point. After 3 vintages and much trial and error we have finally managed to put together our full range of Das Juice wines, with one Pet-Nat style Prosecco from Victoria and four still wines farmed from organic and biodynamic vineyards across South Australia.

This project wouldn’t be possible without the help of our great winemaking friends and family. For the Prosecco we instilled the help of Rhen Dodd from Ephemera Wines who helped us source and process the Glera grapes. For all of the still wines we worked closely with viticulturist Dave Gartleman who put us in contact with some amazing vineyards across South Australia. The wines are made in the Barossa alongside those from Delinquente and Greg has been wonderful in keeping an eye on our baby’s during the winter months.

When it comes to the technical’s of the wines; in the cellar they are made with as little tinkering as possible, especially during fermentation. All the wines are fermented naturally and spend 5-6 months on full solids in tank. We didn’t plunge or pump the wines preferring to respect the grapes that the season gave to us. All wines remain unfiltered and un-fined with a small dose of sulphur at bottling the only addition.