L'Éléphant Blanc

  • L'Éléphant Blanc


    From a vineyard in Cerbère, the last border before Spain. The last vines are only 20 meters from the beach. This wine is produced from old black Grenache vines, approximately 80 years old, and the yield is only 6 hectoliters per hectare. These unique conditions contribute to the wine's saline aspect. From Leah: "L'Éléphant Blanc" was the name of my grandparents' store where I spent many of my afternoons. The expression "white elephant" refers to something rare, precious, but also not very useful or difficult to maintain. It highlights the contrast between something's prestigious or precious appearance and its actual utility or profitability. I couldn't describe this vineyard better: a steep slope, offering low productivity, but rewarding in the satisfaction of working with such old Grenache vines.