Maison Soleil

Maison Soleil Australia

Maison Soleil was born out of our desire to continue to support our Das Juice growers by taking some small parcels of excess fruit and alternative varieties starting from the bountiful 2021 South Australian harvest. As with Das Juice the ideas of organic viticulture, minimal intervention in the cellar and experimentation were at the forefront and with that we are delighted to introduce you to our first release. Maison Soleil is likely to be a series of one off wines, adapting as growers approach us with small parcels outside of our normal growing agreements, with Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Prosecco filling the 2022 release.

This years series sees a Prosecco made from the Alpine Valleys, our classic Das Juice site we have taken fruit from for almost 5 years now. A Pinot Noir from the Peters Creek Vineyard in McLaren Vale, grown at altitude and punching well above its weight. Finally Syrah, McLaren Vale again from the organic certified Aramis vineyard, lots of dark fruit and spice. As mentioned above all wines are wild ferment, unfiltered and made with no additions other than 40ppm sulphur maximum.